The Writing Room Interview

January 18, 2023
JD Kirk

Recently, I was interviewed by Kate Baguley for The Writing Room, a regular series of interviews with authors and people in the publishing world, set up by crime author, pal of mine, and all-round excellent person, LJ Ross.

The interview went live today, and you can check it out below.



  1. Lynne

    Great viewing! 👍 Fantastic books! Amazing author! Totally unputdownable stories! Please never stop writing!

  2. Mark

    Always good to see you sir.

  3. jillian

    Brilliant love Fort William and other places Worked in few places in Scotland
    Love your books

  4. Lou Ann

    JD’s characters come alive for me through the narration of Angus King. The two of them are unstoppable.

  5. Phil

    Good to actually see and listen to you and get a feel for your personality and perspective. Love your Adult books, have read All of them and always looking for the next one.

  6. Anne Rowlands

    Look forward to your future projects with interest. Will they be under JD Kirk? Please don’t stop Logan and Co though

  7. Laurie Drage

    Thank you for the chat! It was great to hear your journey…. Love your characters and certainly anxiously waiting for the next Logan. Yes, you made me love Hoon!

    Stay safe!

  8. Jolan

    My two favourite authors JD Kirk & LJ Ross. Image if Logan & Ryan united and solved a crime together. Inverness meets Newcastle.

  9. Margaret Ellis

    Love all your books and re-read them whilst awaiting your next! I’m especially looking forward to your next DCI Logan if you are venturing into Caithness – home of my birth! I was born and brought up in Thurso but now live in Yorkshire.

    Keep up the good work JD

  10. Vanessa yorke

    At the risk of bringing down Netflix ,I would so love to see our hero Hoon on the big screen

  11. Doug Gray

    I have all of the Logan and Hoon books and while hurting from the idea/fact that the Hoon stories are over, I plan to continue with the Logan books with the hope that both Hoon and his sister show up on occasion within the Logan stories. What colorful characters they both are.

  12. Sheena Baxter

    Hi Barry,I just watched your interview in The Writing Room,it was really interesting as usual!!

  13. Lily

    Just love your books – real page turners. Would love to see these as a TV detective series.


    Hearing you talk about how you got into writing explains why your books and characters are so interesting , and wonderfully different. Nothing run of the mill and boring there!