Stateside Cover Reveal!

April 9, 2024
JD Kirk

It was originally supposed to be a trilogy. Then, I wrote a fourth book. Now, two years later, Robert Hoon returns once more in Stateside, a brand new adventure which will see everyone’s favourite foul-mouthed former detective superintendent journey across the Atlantic Ocean and into a whole heap of trouble.

Today, it gives me great pleasure to reveal the cover and blurb for the book, which will be published in July 2024. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Viva Las Vengeance!

All Bob Hoon ever wanted was a good whisky, and some peace and quiet.

But, when Hoon discovers that his friend and MI5 agent, Miles Crabtree, has gone missing in the United States, he is dragged back into action once more.

The hunt leads him to the Florida Everglades, and into conflict with the violent locals, the terrifying wildlife, and a sheriff with a sinister agenda of his own.

Carving a trail of destruction across America, Hoon soon finds himself mixed-up with a washed-out, Elvis-themed P.I. who might be his only chance of not only saving his friend, but of foiling a twisted conspiracy that could lead to the deaths of millions.

From the Highlands of Scotland, through the steamy dive bars of Florida, to the dazzling neon nightmare of Vegas, Hoon’s quest for justice will expose the rotten underbelly of the American Dream.

And it might just cause a major international incident along the way…



  1. Lesley McManus

    Love the cover, cannot wait to read the book 😃😃x

    • Marion Deacon

      Brilliant and I too cannot wait to read more of Hoon. Passing on the Hoon books to read, the husband of my friend could not believe I had read the Hoon books because of the swearing, but it is so in context and his antics make me actually laugh!

  2. Arlene Summers

    I’ve started re-reading all the Logan and Hoon books in anticipation of the new ones. It’s amazing the amount of little snippets and witty comments that I missed first time around.

  3. Denise

    Sounds brilliant….can only imagine what trouble he gets into in the US 😆

  4. Rhonda Buchan-Darroch

    Hilarious already!

  5. Anne

    Love the cover of Stateside. It says a lot without saying much at all.

  6. Cliff Chorley

    Just reading the last of the series of four. Why can’t I pre-order #5. I already have 19 and 20 of Jack Logan on pre-order. Keep us advised about Stateside.

  7. Kay

    Laughing already! Brilliant!

  8. Sue Holmes

    I love hoon but, don’t know about America… I like that your books are set in Scotland I’ve read so many books set in America that I now like our ho.egrown villans, although I’m from Yorkshire not Scotland…. anyhow I’ll read it and hopefully I’ll enjoy it, after all what’s not to like about Bob Hoon!

  9. Theresa

    Now the bomb-proof alligator makes sense. Having driven through Las Vegas, and subsequently asking my partner “where is the posh bit then” (we were parked outside the Belaggio hotel at this point) I cannot wait to read Sir Bobs take on the place. I do hope he is a little more impressed than I was…..

  10. Mary Kelly

    Love it! Looking forward to seeing how Hoon fares stateside!

  11. John Dowling

    I assume it’ll be published with sub-titles and translations for American readers.

    • Adrienne

      what, and ruin the fun?

  12. Irene Todd

    Looking forward to all 3 forthcoming books. Sure they will all be brilliant. Like the Hoon cover. Hope you are on the mend and have stayed and will stay clear of out of date beef in future.

  13. Linda

    Wow! I cannot wait to read the new Hoon book, it sounds brilliant as usual. The cover looks amazing, well done JD. Loads of words to keep me happy over the summer.

  14. Nicola Wakley

    Sounds brilliant! Can’t wait!

  15. trudi brough

    Absolutely brilliant to see more of Hoon… I’ve missed him!

  16. Chris Treise

    International incident? Can’t wait till “Florida Man” meets Hoon!

  17. Caroline MacDonald

    OMG! That sounds amazing! I cannot wait for this to be published. Hoon has NOT left the building!

  18. Sheila Connolly

    Just can’t wait to read it the cover looks great

  19. Kryssie

    Oh My Days!!!… love the cover and can’t wait to read Hoons next adventure

  20. Stephen Dimmer

    You’re like a little ray of sunshine 😉 just when I think crime fiction is becoming a bit dull and predictable, up you pop👍. With your unique writing style and massive injection of humour, you reinvigorate my enthusiasm for the genre.

  21. Catherine

    Absolutely love these books. Have read all of them at least twice. Keep up the good work.
    Let’s have.more! X

  22. Jane Rhodes

    I simply cannot wait for this. Hoon is my favourite character of all time. I used to scoff at people who said they read something that made them spit out their tea. I can honestly say that Hoon’s description of Sir Cliff made me spit out my tea and fart simultaneously. This is a) a reflection of your sterling talented work and b) very dangerous on my part when I’m at an age when muscle tone isn’t what it used to be. The thought of Hoon causing havoc across the US with Elvis means I must embark upon a strenuous regime of pelvic floor exercises in order to survive the experience unscathed.

    • Adrienne

      Thank you so much for the pelvic floor exercises idea – Hoon does always bring the danger (and sometimes the actuality) of laughing so hard without warning that I piss myself. Gotta get READY!

  23. Tracy Lavinia Wilkinson

    This sounds epic, I can’t wait!!
    To think I actively disliked Hoon at first, now I bloody love him – how did that happen!

  24. Morag Draper

    Iam hanging out for your latest books.
    The only ones I haven’t got round to reading are DI FILSON & Iam sure they won’t disappoint.
    Hope all is well with you & your delightful family & you are well over your run in with the dunnie!!! Does you good to have a good clean out now and again 😁😁

    Wishing you all the best
    from CAIRNS FNQ 🇭🇲 WET!!!
    Regards, Morag 🦋🌹🦋

  25. Anne Mallinson

    “Midges” horror film? I don’t do horrors. (Because I’m easily scared).But I’d definitely buy a comedy horror book.
    The Hoons, love it……I’m not That easily scared. A regular Christmas book would be a seller I’m sure.
    Crime de la Crime, really great. Awards to the whole family for very believable and entertaining performances. That would work as an audible story piece.
    Ive preordered Where the Pieces Lie and waiting excitedly for its eventual release.
    I’m too poor to preorder Stateside too, but will buy it on release, even for the book cover which says a lot without saying much at all!

    • JD Kirk

      Thanks, Anne! Stateside isn’t up for pre-order yet, but just so you know, Amazon doesn’t take pre-order payment until the books are released. That applies to anything you pre-order on Amazon, books or otherwise – you’ll only be charged to your card when it’s sent in the post or delivered to your Kindle.

  26. Jackie Chapman

    I didn’t like Bob Hoon in the beginning but now I can’t wait to read your next book on his adventures, I feel like readers know him personally. Great and always intriguing to know what happens to him next. Keep up the good work please.

  27. Suzanne Ehrhardt

    I can’t wait for this. Love Hoon. Really I do. He’s like some part of me I didn’t realize was there until I met him on the page. And “Viva Las Vengeance”? just made me laugh out REALLY loud… On the bus… Around other people. You’ve done that too me many, many times now. The only other author who did that to me was Terry Pratchett. So yeah, you’re in prime company on my crazy train. Big hugs, stop eating bad meat,

  28. Phil Riddel

    Very much looking forward to this, and wondering what the Americans will make of Hoon (surprised they let him in, to be honest!).

  29. Michelle

    This sounds most excellent! When’s it available for pre-order?

    That’s quite a road trip…hope he’s offsetting his carbon footprint 😉

  30. Caroline

    I’m loving the cover for Stateside, I can only imagine some of the comments Hoon is going to make when he’s with the Elvis guy .. brace brace everyone!

  31. Karen

    Wow! Love it. So excited. Can’t wait to read this next instalment of Hoonness. Can only imagine what surprises are in store. Letting Hoon loose in America is genius. I hope there’ll be the usual outbursts of obscenities and expletives and fun. And will Bertha and Iris be there too? Or even Boyband? Who’d have thought all these adventures would spring from that first Logan book? Brilliant. Love all these books. You are amazing.

  32. Zarah thompson

    So can’t wait to read this 😍

  33. Doreen

    Love the cover. Can’t wait for my favourite character ever to get into even more mischief. Thank you so much for keeping him alive 👍

  34. Nettie Croy

    Yes!! As someone who lives not only in America, but in the part of America very near the Everglades, I’m very excited to read this. I would be excited regardless, I’m a Hoonigan to be sure, but the idea of him meeting the local flora and fauna, as well as the Floridians, well this really floats my boat. (As we Floridians like to say).
    Thanks for all the entertainment your books provide. So so so much fun, all of them. Well done.

  35. Gloria Marie Winfield

    Cannot wait. Sounds like any Friday night on Sauchiehall Street. 1 week today but July for Hoon! How will I survive. Sorry to hear of your recent self inflicted illness. Look on the bright side. Cheaper than a SPA at Gleneagles!

  36. Nick Carey

    Excellent, he is such an exciting character who seems to find trouble without even looking for it. Look forward.

  37. David Brown

    I can’t wait. Let’s have more from “Hoon” ASAP. I do my reading in bed before going to sleep and his challenging style of life tickles me to death, with my wife questioning every giggle just to make sure I’m not having a heart attack. I have read 1 to 18 of the Logan books and can’t wait for more from him. I also enjoyed the “Filson” books but I have had to resort to other authors currently. Leave the rancid beef alone and get on with writing. I’m getting withdrawal symptoms!!!!

  38. Christine Bennett

    Ooh I can’t wait, Bob and Elvis what’s not to like?

  39. Una M

    Can’t wait for it to be published sounds a great story. Cover would pull me in to buy – love the Elvis look alike!

  40. Debbie

    Sounds like the usual Hoon carnage but stateside. Looking forward to it immensely

  41. Joyce Metcalfe

    Looking forward to reading Stateside, the cover is good but made me laugh too I can just imagine Hoon coming out with some belters.
    I’m glad you’re feeling better take care best wishes

  42. Gordon Black

    You should have called it Hoon Dog !

  43. Paul Main

    Having just finished reading Eastgate, and all the DCI Logan novels, I cant wait for the next books in both series. Having spent time in Spain and meeting friends from Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh, the language of both Logan and Hoon takes me back to those boozy nights in the local Pueblo bars. Often while reading ill burst into laughter at some of the comments from both characters.
    Love the books, long may they continue .

  44. Rosie Ripley

    So excited to hear about the next Hoon book, definitely the best character in my husband and Is opinion!

  45. Sarah Anderson

    Oh, man alive!! I can’t wait for this book and Hoon’s shenanigans!!!

  46. Jan

    Love the cover, always been a bit of an Elvis fan! Bob Hoon in Vegas, humm interesting. Just finished reading the Harry Bosch series, (for the third time), I wonder what Bob would think of Harry and vice versa, both partial to a whisky or two and have got to be of a similar age. Keep off the roast beef.

  47. Jan

    Well i’m very sorry you’ve had an explosive episode but i’m with your wife, totally your own fault, but….at least theres the weight loss👍👍, anyway, over the moon to know theres another Hoon book, i was thoroughly miserable after the news the 4th one was going to be the last so i await this one with absolute joy!!! Logan too obviously👍

  48. Patricia Joan Duxbury

    America won’t know what hits it!
    Love Bob and can’t wait for this next adventure.

  49. Lynn G

    Bloody love Hoon, he makes me laugh out loud and his sarcasm is right up my street.


  50. Avril Simmons

    Can’t wait! I wonder if you started that as you waited for your son’s recovery over there? Hope he’s doing well now.

  51. Kathy James

    Can’t get enough of your books, JD! And to think that the one coming out next week makes it’s debut on the world stage on our 53rd wedding anniversary. Yay!!

  52. Elizabeth preston

    OMG roll on July 😜 I hope Mr Hoon has his very own Elvis dress up haha, note to self don’t eat out of date food = 💩
    Hope you have learnt your Lesson, did you not think that maybe it would put you behind in the writing 😂

  53. Mrs J Davis

    Can’t wait for the new Hoon book,. I love the action and I keep my husband awake laughing out loud!

    Keep them coming please!

  54. Brett Ramsey

    I cannot wait for STATESIDE (Hoon #5)! I rarely understand the words that come out of his mouth, but Hoon is the ultimate badass! Fearless, tougher than a rattlesnake, and facing off against citizens of the Florida Everglades? This will be incredible!

  55. Digby Reardon

    We get both Hoon AND a two-fisted, gun toting Elvis Impersonator? I’m Sold!

  56. Elaine

    As a huge , I mean MEGA Elvis fan I cannot wait …I can hear the background sound track in my mind already ! I ant wait


    I am so sorry for your stomach upset that put you in such an uncomfortable position for a week!! Are you really sure it was the beef? Four days past the sell by date in a vacuum sealed package it should have been fine. Remember that date is the “SELL BY DATE”, not the “do not eat by date”. In any event, I really enjoy your books and am very grateful for you finding the Bill Knox books.

    At the advanced age of 82, I can really relate to the society in which he operates.

    Glad you are feeling better. and thanks again for years of enjoyment with Logan, Hoon and through you I also found Harry Grimm by Gatwood.

    And if you have a minute and wander through our website LINDENFARM.COM I am still teaching riding four days a week 5-8, Take care. or is it “go canny”?

  58. Anne Walker

    Love the book cover think the book sounds awesome
    Don’t eat anymore out of date food 🤦‍♀️❤️

  59. Ellen Peachey

    Can I pre order Stateside yet?

  60. Les Grocock

    Love the cover and Hoon is one of the best characters in all of the books I’ve read, ever. I can see him in my minds eye. Can’t wait to read it. My imagination is running away with me already!

  61. Kitty Johnstone

    I am looking forward to July…

  62. Linda MacDonald

    As I’m going to Fort William in June is there a chance I can pick up an autographed hard cover of your book. A Killer of Influence, Instead of ordering through Amazon. Just thought it would be nae bother?

    • JD Kirk

      It won’t be out then, but the Highland Bookshop has signed copies of everything, and can send the new one out to you when it’s published in September.

  63. Brenda Shaw

    Love the cover and cannot wait for the book to be published!!

  64. Ivor Jones

    The new Hoon yarn sounds like a cracker. Bob will no doubt make a big impression on many of our transatlatic cousins as he searches for that quiet life to which you refer. I can’t wait you find out how Bob manages the communication side of things. The UK and US cultures are, as we know, separated by a common language. We also know that Bob has his own way of expressing his thoughts and views in an approximation of that language. That could lead to some interesting conversations…… before Bob has to revert to that other language he has a good command of…. I refer to his skills and abilities in the realm of physical violence. What effect will Mr Hoon’s exploits Stateside have on the “Special Relationship”?
    Role on July so we can find out.

  65. Lorraine Wood

    Sounds great!love the Hoon books such a character!

  66. Jim Langford

    Can’t wait! What the f**k (Well it’s what Hoon would say!) will the American’s make of our foul mouthed boy one wonders…. Be good if Ace Wurzel could somehow wander into the story. as I’m sure her and Hoon would make an interesting team.. Maybe a future book with all the characters would make an interesting read?

  67. Georgia Burns

    So sorry about your roast encounter, JD. Glad you are better. As for Hoon – yippee! And I love dear Miles. He must be saved. Marking my calendar now for the launch date. Although I am SURE you will let your fans know as it draws closer. Meanwhile, take care of yourself. I’m off to pre-order my audio of DCI Jack Logan. You have firmly established yourself as the King of Merriment and Mayhem. 😊

  68. Jennifer Greenhill-Taylor

    The new Hoon cover is perfect. Looking forward to a summer filled with the fruits of your endless labors. Your output amazes me, as does your ability to weather the miseries life tosses at you, from the ridiculous and self-inflicted roast beef fiasco, to the hellish situation with your wee (not so wee but to you he’ll always be wee) boy. I hope your spring/summer brings some time to contemplate your successes.

  69. Chere

    Hi Jack,

    Well, I’m hooked on Hoon. It was a slow start but you’ve won me over. Can’t wait (well I will wait) for #5.

  70. Michael

    I’m on book 9 at the moment, thoroughly enjoying your work and when Hoons involved he just kills me, keep up the good work J.D.

  71. Vanessa yorke

    I’m due for a knee replacement soon,so just in time for my recovery, I can’t wait, ( for the surgery and the book)

  72. alan johns

    Can’t f***** wait!! Hope Bertha joins him…..

  73. Jan

    Can’t wait…so exciting

  74. Elizabeth Cameron

    Love the cover and the concept. Can’t wait to read it

  75. Maria Mackintosh

    I like the sound of this one. As long as Hoon is his normal friendly self. I will love it. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  76. Penny Jones

    Well, I must say that I thoroughly Bob Hoon. But coming to the states? Ugh, Florida especially. Is he totally nuts? And I say that as a South Carolinian. Florida doesn’t take kindly to immigrants……….so I’m thinking there will be an exploding gator! Hahaha. Can’t wait to see what Bob can do to piss off the locals. Thanks in advance. It’s going to be a blast.

  77. Veronica Hayden

    The blurb sounds epic! Can’t wait!

  78. Lynne Cummings

    Absolutely love it! It succeeded……I was singing away in my head….🎵VIVA LAS VEGAS!🎵! Rather loudly too,. We are in Fort William in MAY…….any chance of a signed book???

  79. Sammy

    To read your email this morning that there was a fifth Hoon book absolutely made my year!!!!

    As to the cover, thanking God that you mentioned an Elvis-themed PI, as I so did not have Hoon in my mind’s eye looking like Elvis 😉

    Thanks for being so great as to listening to your fans for more Hoon.

  80. Tom Blanton

    As always, I look forward to Hoon and his escapades with great anticipation. From the looks of things, this one isn’t going to disappoint. But then again, Hoon never does.

  81. Vanessa Boor

    Can’t wait to see what the Americans make of Hoon. I shouldn’t think they’ll have seen (or heard!) the like of him before 😂😂

  82. ian graham

    Looks great and sounds likely to make me laugh outlandishly

  83. Charles Collins

    It’s about bloody freaking time!
    Is hoon going to be using American curse words? I could help with that! I hardly ever curse, well, not before 8 am.

  84. Ben Hughes

    Brilliant. Looking forward to reading this in between DCI Logan #19 and #20. It’s been way too long without the gang.

  85. Sheila Clements

    Cant wait- Hoon has become my hero!

  86. Mary Dunn

    Hi, I am waiting for all books with great anticipation. I laugh, cry and become so engrossed, I’m with them, there at the locus.
    Thank you, for your great books and ease of creating and building magnificent characters.

    Hoon, will create his own special kind of havoc, whilst ensuring he gets the answers he needs and wants, in his goal to find his friend, Miles Crabtree.
    No doubt, there will be a few fists flying, some Glasgow kisses may well make some contact with their faces and Hoon will have a right old set too in his information gathering. Hopefully, he’ll get there without receiving too many injuries to himself. He really is a loveable rogue.

  87. Maureen Arbuthnott

    Two great books to look forward to sit in the sun that is if we get any here in the North of Scotland.

  88. Mel Billowes

    Can’t wait!!!!!

  89. Jacalyn Buechly

    So looking forward to Hoon’s adventure in the U.S. of A.. Must admit, love reading any and all your series set in Great Britain. My Aikman family roots are in Scotland, after all. Keep them coming, never a dull moment of reading when they’re your books. Glad your on the mend as pertains to the meat. I made that mistake once myself and will never knowingly repeat it. 🙂
    Jackie, your faithful reader in Texas, USA

  90. Pat

    Can’t wait for the Hoon book I absolutely love this character, almost as much as Logan

  91. Diane Cassidy

    Love the DCI Logan books. I can see them as a tv series. Very Graphic and descriptive and the gentle humour is wonderful. Many thanks for the hours of lost sleep when I just have to find out what happens next! Xx

  92. Anita Digby

    I love your Hoon books. The cover for this one is brilliant, as usual. I can’t wait to read Stateside, really looking forward to it.

  93. Robert Patsfield

    Should we warn the alligators that Hoon is coming. For gators, I don’t think it would be a fair fight. Looking forward to the read.

  94. Juliette

    Can hardly wait! Hoon’s my favourite character, and I bet he just loves Americans 😂

  95. Jackie

    I’m really looking forward to this book. The cover looks perfect. I’ll pre order as soon as its available.

  96. Darleen Ritchie

    I am sooo excited! Bob Hoon is my most favorite foul-mouthed man in the world!

  97. Margaret Stead

    Oh no! Not less conversation!! That’s my favourite part of these books, although Americans would probably need to have everything translated.

  98. Liz

    I hope sincerely hope you keep the Hoon books coming! Laugh out loud funny, courageous and soft hearted. How could you not love this crazy character?!!

  99. Jill Craik

    I’m so excited about all your upcoming books. I hope you remember getting me through my worst time in the past, and I tell all my friends about how you honoured Erin. So the first worry when I heard I may lose my sight, and have to have a serious operation soon to try to stop it; the first thing I panicked about was ” OMG! My kindle. How will I cope? I’m a Luddite , but I decided I’m going to figure out how to do the audio thing… somehow, and no matter what, I’ll start at the beginning, and listen to them all again. Anyhoo….every cloud…blah, blah. Hope your son is on the mend. Lots of love, Jill

    • JD Kirk

      Hi Jill. Of course, I remember, and dedicating the book to Erin was my honour. Ping me an email and I’ll get you some audiobook codes so you can try them out for free. x

  100. Sharon Louise Fenton

    Can’t wait to find out what havoc Hoon is going to wreak on the US! Nowhere is ever ready for him, can only imagine how his colourful vernacular will be received.

  101. Kellie M Flores

    Tee hee! Neon nightmare!
    So is the traffic from LA to Vegas! Don’t do it! It’s not worth it! 🤣

  102. Julia

    Very cool!

  103. Penny Richards

    Can’t wait, it sounds absolutely true to form 😂 The cover looks brilliant.

  104. Valerie Ferguson

    So excited for Stateside to come out, the cover looks great and I am so looking forward to Bob’s first meeting with dodgy Elvis. I can already imagine it in my head😂
    Love and best wishes
    Brisbane Australia
    Originally from Port Glasgow Scotland ❤️

  105. Christine Perry

    Can’t wait what a character hard man with hidden heart

  106. Lindsay

    Can’t wait for this one 😂,

    Since his arrival on the solo ish scene, Bob Hoon has become my go to read to cheer me up and keep me going.

    Thank you for letting him off the leash, long may the foul mouthed bastard cause mayhem 😘

  107. Ellie

    Welcome back Hoon!!! I’ve missed you.. goblin-limbed streak of pish, spudfingered wee spunksack!!!! Bring on the insults! Bliss

  108. Pauline Morrison

    I can’t wait to see what the Yanks make of Hoon!! He will need an interpreter 🤣

  109. Debbie

    Hoon stateside will be hilarious! Cannae wait.

  110. Una Bryans

    Just finished The King of Space Must Die while waiting for next Logan universe book. Love the cover of Stateside and can’t wait for release Hoon is one of two who has me laughing out loud and getting strange looks in public as I listen through headphones to Audible. The other is Artur who I swear Hoon is related too 😂😂
    Anyway can’t wait for this one and if it’s any consolation I probably would have tried the meat as well 😉