Self-Publishing Course Now Live

November 9, 2023
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JD Kirk

Having received several hundred emails over the past few years asking for advice on how to write and/or publish a book, I’ve finally packaged up everything I learned when starting as an indie author into a step-by-step self-publishing course.

Bookstrapping is based on a presentation I gave at a publishing conference in London a few years back, but has been massively fleshed out to incorporate 30-odd lessons, quizzes, instructional video content, and more. It distills everything I learned before publishing my Space Team series and lays it out in an informal, easy to follow way.

So, if you’ve thought about self-publishing a book, or are early in your indie author career, this course can help you rapidly accelerate the process, and avoid some of the pitfalls that slowed me down when I first started out.

Unlike other self-publishing courses, which can cost hundreds and even thousands of pounds, access to the Bookstrapping self-publishing course and the accompanying indie author Facebook community is available now for what I think is a very reasonable price!

Check out Bookstrapping, JD Kirk’s self-publishing course here.