Meet The Hoons!

November 16, 2023
JD Kirk

Last week, in a rare moment of total clarity, I finally understood what my life’s purpose was. I finally knew the reason I was put on this earth.

It was to create a mash-up between the much-loved long-running Scottish comic strip, The Broons, and our own Bob and Berta Hoon in an all-new comic called The Hoons.

The idea amused me no end. I read The Broons and Our Wullie religiously growing up, always getting one or the other in my Christmas stocking, depending on which title was published that year. For those of you who didn’t grow up in Scotland at some point in the last seventy-odd years, the books were published in alternate years – The Broons one year, and Oor Wullie the next.

Anyway, I quickly wrote a short Broons style script, but with Bob and Berta Hoon in place of Maw and Paw Broon. I posted a message on a Facebook group for comic-book illustrators looking for someone who could replicate the style of the original strips, and included a sample Broons page, as I assumed nobody in the group – most of whom are in the US – would know what the hell I was talking about.

About an hour later, an illustrator called Stevie White got in touch. He reckoned he could probably have a pretty good go at drawing the script, since he’d been the artist on The Broons of sixteen years!

Stevie sent the finished strip yesterday, and it’s even better than I could have hoped. I’m making this first one available for everyone to read, but future issues will be available exclusively to members of my VIP Club, so if you haven’t already done so, sign up at the bottom of this page (it’s free!)

Enjoy the comic. Click to enlarge it and view it in a new window. And let me know what you think in the comments!

UPDATE! I’ve gone ahead and made both strips available below. Merry Christmas!



  1. Davida

    I love it. Can you do an Oor Wullie with Tyler next please?

    • David Mackee

      Brilliant would like more of the Hoons great characters in your books

      • Marion

        Absolutely brilliant! And yes it did bring a smile to my face 🤣

      • Karen

        Love it. A Christmas with Hoons will be hilarious

        • Drew

          Had a few minutes to kill and read this. What a laugh. Roll on Hoon the movie.

      • Tom Reid

        Brilliant you should do an annual it would be a best seller

    • Lucinda Frangipane

      It’s fuc%&my brilliant

      • Dewita Carson

        Perfect kick off to The Hoons! Enjoyed the giggles and Iris showing up had me switching accents in my head lmao!

    • Laura Clifton

      I love it.
      Such a nostalgia hit but brought bang up to date with Bob and Berta.

      • Valerie Ferguson

        That’s hilarious 😂

      • Murray Tomlin

        Great stuff! I haven’t even started the Bob Hoon books yet but love the sweary bastard so looking forward to them. I’m just on the 12th Logan book. We had a magic time in Fort William, Glenfinnan and Aviemore when we travelled 4 years ago so your books bring it all back. Such lovely people too… keep up the great writing !

    • Christine Hall

      Love it! Reminds me a bit like ‘foot rot flats’ that was very popular 30 or something years ago here in OZ ( tho I believe it was a Kiwi publication ) they also made a film of it, so who knows the ‘Hoons’
      could go international 😂
      Keep on with you brilliant books/ ideas JD. I for one can’t get enough of them!
      Good Luck in your new endeavour!

    • Maria garlick

      I absolutely love Bob, Berta and Iris 😂 Have listened to all your books twice and I still end up laughing in public places!
      Keep them coming!

    • Vicky

      Brilliant! And perfectly in keeping with the DC comics.

    • Bill McD

      🤣🤣🤣 Brillinant!

    • Suzanne

      Hilarious! I’m currently reading the 4th Bob hoon and dying for more Jack! I love your work!

    • David Rawsthorne

      So like the broons very well drawn

    • Wendy


  2. Fiona

    Cackling like a pair of numpties here in sunny Tenerife.

    • ken hulme

      Perfect retro-style comic. Love it!

      • Mandy gardiner

        Amazingly cleaver and one of the funniest things iv read, could we please get an annual every year

        • Jackie Shilcock

          They’re exactly how I pictured them! Brilliant idea 💡 More please.

        • Barbara Turner

          Brilliant and just how I picture them.

        • Lorraine Wood


      • Brigitte

        Fabulous! Can’t wait to see the Hoons ongoing mad adventures.

      • Nancy Burns

        love it, need more keep it coming 5 star

        • Penny Jones

          I’m not a big comic strip fan but this is fantastic! I can’t wait for the next one.

      • Will

        Great comic takes me back to my childhood ( many years ago 🚶🚶🚶🤣
        Hope for more to come

    • Maureen Webb

      Loved it. Sounds just the type of thing you imagine would happ

    • Helen

      Have never read the Broons. Love this – made me laugh out loud. Just how I imagined Bob and Berta. More please

    • Denise


  3. John Roberts

    Brilliant! Brought back happy memories. I remember comics well from my childhood. Hokn never ceases to make me howl with laughter! Can’t wait for me in your VIP Club!

    • Fiona

      Speechless, abso-feckin-lutely speechless. This is brilliant!

      • Roni Deans

        Pure dead brilliant so it is
        I can just imagine that scenario,.. looking forward to the next installment.

        • Karen Haworth

          Chuckling away to myself! More please.

          • Anne Horsburgh


        • Sandy Bartling

          This was GREAT! I’ll admit I pictured Berta different but the writing was perfect and the cartoon is very funny!

        • George Wallace

          Absolutely brilliant loved it keep it going can’t wait for more 😀

      • Maureen Temple

        Absolutely brilliant, loved the take on the broons effect. Hope to see a whole book of the hoons some day 😁😁

        • Marina Corlett

          Loved it. I knew I would you are an absolute belter of an author. Love to see you print a book of these comic strips. Genius.

      • Carol OBrien

        Loved it. Absolutely brilliant and hilarious.

    • Sue

      Awesome! I live in the U.S. but I’m a fan of Bob &Bertie loved it!

  4. Caroline Burnett

    Love this! You could do a whole comic with all the characters

    • Eddie Boyd

      The Hoons is great, I love the nostalgic look at their world, and a brilliant way to show the chaotic lives I imagined they led.
      I am not sure if the characters met the look that I had imagined but it is a great read!

      • Susan Milne

        What a brilliant idea , love it!!

    • Mari-Claire

      Absolutely howlin! I grew up reading the Broons and Oor Wullie. My nana used to get me the annual every Christmas and I’d read the wee ones they did in the Sunday Post as well

  5. Chester Studzinski


  6. Tom Speirs

    Love it. I read the Bob bits in Dougray Scott’s voice and Kate Dickie as Berta.
    Looking forward to the next Heather book with Tammi-Jo as her side kick.

    • Sandra Campbell

      Absolutely loved it

    • Brian Duncan

      Yes, yes, yes, we want more.

  7. Jan


    • Gayle Henderson

      Brilliant! Sinead looks like Tosh off Shetland!

    • Kate carmichael

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣brill, i always got the Broons or Our Wullie for xmas luv’d them both, even read them in the Sunday paper. You should defo dae a book every year if poss i’d defo buy it. This was so funny. Thanks it’s cheered me up ..😊

      • Eddie Reilly

        Loved it and I agree with the people who asked for Tyler as Oor Wullie with maybe Jack Logan as PC Murdoch

  8. Barbara Dickie

    Howled with laughter . Brilliant 👏 my favourite characters love them all .

  9. Joanne Bell

    Absolutely brilliant. Although I’m from London, my husband is from Kilsyth so I know about the Broons. This is Genius! I will look forward to seeing what is next 🤣🤣

  10. Fiona

    Brilliant. We are going to hound you for the rest of the guys xx

  11. Kerry

    Love this! Bring on more Hoons!

  12. Diane Blumire

    Absolutely brilliant! Looking forward to the next part!!!

  13. Alison Alderson

    F—–g perfect and all the nuances of all characters (Broons and Hoons)
    Tyler in an Oor Wullie style next please
    We always got the annuals too and us 4 kids had to have a lot of patience sharing over xmas

  14. Valerie Dickson

    Love it

  15. Sharon Sasser

    I’m US so I had never heard of it but loved it anyway! More please and bring on the gang!

  16. Mike McGuigan

    Brilliant. Jings, crivens, help ma Hoon.

  17. Hanna

    I love this sooo much! Absolutely brilliant!!!

  18. Liz Simpson

    Brilliant, loved it, Broons and oor Wullie part of our childhood memories. 😀

  19. Sue

    Brilliant ! More please 😂😂

  20. Linda Cumming

    Fantastic,Berta just as I imagined her,I had Bob a bit more plumper in my mind,but think the whole thing great,I used to get the broons and oor. Willie, every Christmas,well done xx

    • Lynn Ward

      Showed this to my mum and husband who are both Scottish (me being half) and they grew up with both The Broons and Our Willie and loved it, as did I. Definitely will keep an eye out for more issues!!

  21. Sarah Miller

    This is bloody class loved it made me laugh so much my husband like Hoon 😂😂😂

    • Chris

      Laughed like a drain. I would love to have the annual in my Christmas stocking. Pure genius. I love the hooks.

  22. Suzan Piazza

    I loved it! More, more, more please!

  23. Adele

    I need a full hoons book for next Christmas 🎄

  24. Stella

    Loved it! Brought back fond memories of Oor Wullie and The Broons.
    Keep it coming!

  25. Mrs Julie Blackburn

    Brilliant!!! Having read The Broons & Oor Wullie growing up, this hits the spot. More please – Tyler as Oor Wullie & Logan as Murdoch????

  26. Karen

    Love the Hoons! Can’t get enough of them. This is hilarious, more please

  27. Kevin

    Bloody brilliant, just suits my warped sense of humor.😂😂😂

    We really need more of this type of humor here in Australia.

  28. Gerry Conlon

    loved it. A wee geg, as they say here in Belfast.

  29. michael

    Amazing! so excited for what comes next for the Hoons!

  30. Hannah MacPhee

    That had me laughing out loud. Brilliant

  31. Rita

    Fabulous, very funny indeed.

  32. Catherine Rutherford

    Lol brilliant, love the characters, cant wait till I see a drawing of Tyler and his hair 😂 Bob I thought would be a bit thinner, wiry but love them 💕

  33. Lorna Scott

    That’s brilliant, you can’t just leave us with 1 page, looking forward to the next instalment

  34. Merilyn Huxtable

    Fantastic not quite the image I had of Hoon but Berta is spot on very funny. Quite sure this will take off in a big way. Clever you

  35. Pauline Basey

    Brilliant can’t wait for more love Hoon and his sister

  36. Audrey Turner


  37. ANN

    Brilliant. Please could you give us one that shows us Tyler’s hair?

  38. Peter Tilling

    At my age I can just imagine being dumped on by two really active young kids. True to life. More please

  39. Susan Walker

    Fantastic! Bring on the rest, illustrations brilliant, just as I imagine the books.

  40. Michael Elliott

    Brilliant, proper Bob Hoon! Looking forward to future Hoon Toons

  41. Helen Girdwood

    I grew up with the Broons and Oor Willie at Christmas and the weekly supplement in the Sunday Post…This is brilliant,hope to see many more.

  42. Matt Brewer

    Brilliant, thank you. Berta is just as I imagined her.

  43. Ann Glasgow

    Absolutely brilliant! Loved The Broons and Oor Wulllie! More of The Hoons please 🤣🤣🤣

  44. Kirsty Wilkinson

    Absolutely brilliant!!! I can just imagine that scenario. Brought back happy memories as I always got the annuals every Christmas as well. Looking forward to the next instalment.

  45. Gerry

    Absolute magic, we expect The Hoons 2024 Christmas Annual then?

    • Susan Donnelly

      Great idea!

  46. Barbara

    It’s been a long time since I’ve had a real giggle!! Just loved it………

  47. Barbara


  48. Steve Eaton

    Just brilliant, I too read both books.

  49. Chris Treise

    Dog that is GOOD!

  50. Carol

    So funny! Loved it, can’t wait for more.

  51. Thomas Clarke Halfpenny

    Love it,but could it not be swearier?A real blast from the past,LOL.

  52. jan

    Though I’m a Canadian of Scottish heritage, I’m not familiar with this comic series.

    I have to say, though, that the drawings depict *exactly* what the Hoons have always looked like in my mind’s eye! Dead ringers 😁

  53. Judy Willmott

    Fantastic! The Hoons rule. You couldn’t ask for a better tough/soft man and manic sister. Long may they have a part in your books.

  54. Kaye

    Hilarious! Even being from the US, and not having heard of those comics, I laughed out loud. I love the Hoons, even if I probably wouldn’t want to live next door to them!!

  55. Kenny Nelson

    Class. Bob should be a bit more boggle-eyed though. Looking forward to more.

  56. Maria Mackintosh

    This is great. I love it. Can’t wait for the next strip.

  57. Jackie Doyle

    This is deadly, love the Hoons 😂

  58. Kaye

    I can only imagine what the twins first words will be! Hilarious!,

  59. Bill Mitchell

    Priceless. More please.

    • Adele

      Brilliant. Totally cheered me up cos I’ve been feeling shite due to a chest infection.But by laughing so much I had another coughing fit🙄😭🤣🤣

  60. Jennifer Taylor

    The icing on the cake: the wee poetic intro. Fantastic. More!!!

  61. Nancy Burns

    love it, need more keep it coming 5 star

  62. Jacqueline Pratt

    Put a smile on my face – love it

  63. Susan Donnelly

    OMG! The Hoons! What a pair. Hilarious. More please.

  64. helen butler

    Brilliant, very funny ,lets hope there are more to come.

  65. Wendy Skrivanos

    Hilarious! 😂😂😂

  66. Ann Bloxwich

    Exactly as I pictured them! Ten stars at least 🙂

  67. Kathleen M Braun

    I laughed my arse off!

  68. john Campbell

    Brilliant, loved the poetic header.

  69. Barbara Ultis

    I have never heard of the Scottish comic strip, but I love the Hoons! Love all your books. Thanks for the preview and look forward to more!

  70. Sue Storey

    I read Oor Wullie when I was little – and in England too! We were more enlightened than you would imagine. I love this and look forward to more episodes. Is the image of Hoon a true one, taken from life? I often try to picture him. Then need counselling.

  71. Elaine Hepple

    I loved your The Hoons, maybe you could get it animated? I used to follow The Broons and Our Wullie in the Sunday Post when I was a child living in the North-east of England, it was the one Sunday newspaper my Granddad Jack used to buy. I also remember the adventures of Black Bob but wiki tells me I have misremembered and that the valiant dog and his shepherd only appeared in the Dandy, not in the Sunday Post.

  72. Dana

    In the US but lived in the UK married to a Yorkshireman. My brother in law got comics and I read them all. I loved this so much. The Hoons would be an amazing show.

  73. Georgia Burns

    Oh JD, you’re too good to us. This is fabulous fun. And spot on creation of the Hoons we have come to know and be scandalized by, I mean love. Looking forward to more.

  74. Betty Roberts

    Never heard of the comics even though I grew up in England {now living in Canada} but laughed out loud at this and the characters are so much as I imagined. Thank you for the preview and looking forward to more.

  75. Annie

    The spilled cigarettes all over the floor 🤣🤣🤣

  76. Margaret

    You have excelled yourself once again. I was laughing out loud, it is so funny. Give us more please!

  77. Janet Becker

    Hoon and Berta the ultimate baby sitters. This was a laugh out loud experience. Keep it up.

  78. Kizi Sturrock

    Absolutely fantastic. Luv it. Keep them coming

  79. Angela Richards

    Waiting for the next installment. Brilliant!

  80. Caroline

    I like this, very ye olde Scotland ya bam etc. Hoon is getting a bit of an outing these days… I was a bit unsure about a novel with Mr Hoon as a protagonist… But I’m reading North Wind and liking his patter so far. Keep it dark.

  81. Ann London

    Absolutely brilliant! This could be the start of something BIG! Well, BIGGER!
    Also grew up with the Broons and oor Willie! Mote please? 😃😃

  82. Norma Collinson

    Aw, brilliant! Fab idea. Looking forward to seeing some more. Hoon heaven!

  83. Missy


  84. Kathy Woods

    I’m in the USA and have never heard of The Broons but The Hoons are fantastic! Love them – not sure what that says about me – and can’t wait for the next one.

  85. Anna, Sydney

    Swede living in Australia but grew up reading Tintin in the 70s and 80s. Getting a The Duponds and Captain Haddock feel from your comic strip. Love it.

  86. Rick Stephenson

    Just love it J D. On a winner as usual, I still have a copy of the Broons.
    And I have lived in Australia for 60 years. Looking forward to more

  87. Dot

    Love your creativity with the Hoons. So bloody funny

  88. Brett Ramsey

    Oh, yeah, I need more of this shite! Brilliant!

  89. David Bruce


  90. Claire

    OMG, OMG, OMG, F***ing excellent.

  91. Alan

    Absolutely wet the pants, laugh out loud, stuff!! Not that I’ve wet my pants, but a close run thing!!

  92. Rick Stephenson

    Love it J D. Let’s have more Hoonery.

  93. sunnie campos

    I do love this!!! I am eagerly waiting on another Hoon book too. You write the best books! Thank you

  94. Joan

    I nearly peed my pants laughing at this! Totally brilliant

  95. Carmen

    LOVE IT!!!! Please keep it coming! Can’t wait for the next one! Really a stellar⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ idea!

  96. Gina Rae

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 love it. Grew up with The Broons ( not literally). More please 😻

  97. Kathy Williamson

    You certainly brought a smile to my face. X

  98. Helena Nash

    Jings, it’s the Broons meets Biffa Bacon 🙂 Briliant.

    Love that clean art from Stevie White.

    Another vote for Oor Tyler here.

  99. Colin Campbell

    Looks great and with our WILLIE perfect. Get going please.

  100. Dave Arnott

    Love it!!

  101. Anne Mallinson

    Fantastic! Takes me back to my childhood. What memories. You e captured the essence of the family between you.Except of course the strongest words i remember from The
    Broons, we’re jings and helpmabob ! But then those were innocent days.

  102. Eden

    Absolutely brilliant! I’d be dead proud too… I’m still laughing about the Hansel & Gretel quip

  103. Vivian

    Having been brought up on The Broons and Oor Willie, I love the style.

  104. Peter southon

    Brilliant I love it hope there will be more to come

  105. Trish


  106. Mary

    Great, really enjoyed it, how did I miss the first one!!

  107. Jo

    Absolutely cracking – looking forward to my regular comic reading –


    That is what was absolutely brilliant. I love Bob Hoon brilliant character.
    Thanks for giving us a fantastic book series with even more brilliant spin offs.