One For the Ages Publication Day Video

February 28, 2023
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JD Kirk

It’s publication day for One For the Ages, the 16th book in the DCI Jack Logan series. I’ve made a little video to celebrate, and in it I also reveal the special publication day present that I bought myself. Check it out below.

If you haven’t grabbed your copy of the book yet, then you can get it here.



  1. Isabella Mcleod

    Just waiting on book getting delivered really looking forward to reading it

  2. Kate carmichael

    Ive got it and mr gatwards 2 both one ma kindle..i luvd ur wee vid there ur funny c where the characters in ur book r witty n hiv a grt sense of humour. Cant wait 2 read both books after waiting. Thanks so much😊

  3. Lynne

    Can’t wait to start reading “One for the Ages!” Loved the video!

  4. Ian Stephens

    Cannot wait to read it.

  5. Marjorie

    So excited

  6. Jo Quinn

    Thankfully you keep writing . I so look forward to each new one that you publish.

  7. Yvonne Elfahal

    Happy publication day Barry/JD. Lovely to hear your voice at last.
    One for the Ages downloaded and am clamping at the bit to start it.

  8. Sheena Baxter

    Started reading it 6 o clock this morning already 30% already.

  9. Toby Grist

    I am a very recent fan. I listen to audio books and bought the first Robert Hoon book on impulse. My god it was great. I don’t often laugh out loud listening to books but I did a few times during the first 3. Am now on the 4th. Very glad you have a whole new series of books (DCI Logan) to keep me going for ages.
    I rate these books so far as a mixture of Jo Nesbö ‘s Harry Hole, Mick Herron’s Jackson Lamb and Lee Child’s Reacher. Which is a fantastic combination.

  10. Jill Steward

    Thank goodness it’s publication day! When’s the next one due out? And, if you’re really not in the office today writing it, you should be!!

  11. Joyce Metcalfe

    Looking forward to reading the new book 😄

    • Anne-Marie Scott

      So excited, I’ve downloaded my copy to read in sunny Lanzarote next week. Is that a Tyler-esk, hairstyle you’re sporting 🤔, nice. Thanks for keeping these brilliant books coming 👏

  12. Jolan Audsley

    Oh mines will be on my kindle when I log in. Yay. Roll on bedtime 😆. Can’t wait to start reading it.

  13. Katrina

    While I was waiting I went back to Litter of Bones and am loving it even more…but now the dilemma! Whether put that back on hold and get stuck in to One For the Ages or…?!? Tough decision…Happy Publication Day Barry! Thank you x

  14. Ann Bloxwich

    Happy Publication Day! I’m starting this today, and really looking forward to it 🙂

    (P.S. Please write more Hoon books 🙂 )

  15. Robin

    Happy Publication Day! Treat yourself well today, because all of your fans are enjoying it also!

  16. Nancy Gossard

    Congrats on another book. I’ve been waiting months for it! 😉 I downloaded this one is the middle of the night to start immediately. Now you understand why I wait months for your books. Have you considered dictating your books and hiring a proofreader so we, your adoring fans, can get our fixes faster? ❤️

  17. Carol Frost

    I had forgotten that I had preordered One for the Ages, and having just finished a novel and was wondering what to read next, I spotted your new DCI Logan in my Kindle Library.
    I’m loving the new characters. Can’t write more, I have to get back to One for the Ages!

  18. April Burton

    My birthday today so a wonderful gift

  19. Catherine Jackson

    Well what can I say, thank you so much for bringing this book out on my birthday 🥰. I listen to them on audio because Angus King is amazing but my daughter bought me the book and had it signed by yourself. I’m over the moon. So from this old cocksplash onwards and f……ing upwards ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Sarah

    So pleased another publication! Can you try and write quicker? I read them and then have to wafor the next one. Brilliant i love them all

  21. Lucy B

    A great read, had me in stitches at certain points and cringing at others, brilliant, can’t wait for the next one

  22. Jonni Snyder

    I really enjoyed this book, but I just have to know…is the DCI LOGAN series complete or is Logan really going to Glasgow and leaving Shona behind? I hope not!
    ( I’ve read all the Logan books, one of the the Hoon, and getting ready to read the new Heather Filson book. I’m a J D Kirk and Jack Logan fan.)

    • JD Kirk

      You’ll just have to wait and see…

      (But I will say there’s a new Logan book out in August!)