Jack Logan at #1

March 5, 2023
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JD Kirk

Great news! One For the Ages, the 16th book in my DCI Jack Logan Scottish crime fiction series, is officially an Amazon number one bestseller!

I didn’t actually see the moment the book topped the Kindle charts in the UK. The last time I’d seen it, it was stuck at number two behind a Jack Reacher novel, which had shot up to the top spot after being reduced to 99p for the day.

Prior to that, it had been stuck at number two behind Deadly Fate by the brilliant Angela Marsons, which went up for pre-order on the same day One For the Ages was published. Angela writes great books and has an enormous fan base, so her rise to the top of the charts was no surprise.

And speaking of fantastic authors with huge fan bases, LJ Ross’s latest DCI Ryan novel, Lady’s Well, came out a couple of days after One For the Ages, and when I woke up on Friday morning, it was sitting at the top of the Kindle chart, with Logan’s latest still squatting in second place.

I had assumed that was that, and that I had missed out on getting to number one. I’d hit the top of the Scottish crime fiction chart, and various other charts, so I wasn’t complaining, but I believed I’d just missed out on being the overall Kindle bestseller.

Until, that is, Angela Marsons messaged me on Twitter to let me know that not only had the book hit number one the evening before, but she’d taken a screenshot. Ta-daaa!

Scottish crime fiction novel, One For the Ages

So, thank you to everyone who picked up their copy of the book, whether it was on Kindle, paperback, or audiobook. I hugely appreciate your support, not just for this book, but for all my books.

If it wasn’t for you reading and spreading the words about the books, I wouldn’t get to hang around with Jack and the team nearly as often as I do. More importantly, we wouldn’t have been able to do things like the recent charity merchandise campaign, or set up the local hardship fund that my wife and I run.

Huge thanks, too, to Angela Marsons for letting me know about hitting number one, and also to the equally brilliant Mel Sherratt who also got in touch to let me know. I am incredibly fortunate to not only have the best readers in the world, but to be surrounded by such a generous and supportive author community.

On the other hand, I’m stuck having daily conversations with Alex Smith and David J. Gatward on WhatsApp, so it’s not all roses…