While lots of people are excited about the return of Bob Hoon in Southpaw next month, I still get asked on a daily basis what’s next for DCI Logan and the rest of his team.

Well, good news, Scottish crime fiction fans – Jack and co will be returning for a fourteenth novel in the not too distant future. In fact, the Highlands will (once again) find itself the scene of another grisly murder in early May – less than three months from when I’m sitting here writing this blog post!

And, even better news, I can today officially reveal the title and cover for this latest instalment. Ready? Here it comes now…

Oooh, that all sounds a bit sinister, doesn’t it? I do hope that Jack’s going to be OK…

You’ll have to wait until May to find out! The book will be available on all formats on May the 10th, with Angus King once again providing narration duties for the audiobook.

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