DCI Logan 14 Revealed

February 14, 2022
JD Kirk

While lots of people are excited about the return of Bob Hoon in Southpaw next month, I still get asked on a daily basis what’s next for DCI Logan and the rest of his team.

Well, good news, Scottish crime fiction fans – Jack and co will be returning for a fourteenth novel in the not too distant future. In fact, the Highlands will (once again) find itself the scene of another grisly murder in early May – less than three months from when I’m sitting here writing this blog post!

And, even better news, I can today officially reveal the title and cover for this latest instalment. Ready? Here it comes now…

Oooh, that all sounds a bit sinister, doesn’t it? I do hope that Jack’s going to be OK…

You’ll have to wait until May to find out! The book will be available on all formats on May the 10th, with Angus King once again providing narration duties for the audiobook.

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  1. Rosemary McFadyeb

    Cover and title are great, just please don’t be too hard on Jack

    • Gillian

      No one will ever want to go to visit Scotland with all these cruel people.

      Actually they will, Jack Logan will keep Scotland safe, or at least the Highlands

      • Patrick McNulty

        That’ll be because he’s from Castlemilk

        • Geoff Seal

          Always great. Keep them coming. As and when you can find the time.

    • Kate Carmichael

      Im defo hiving withdrawl symptoms DCI jack Logan n his gang r like a family 2 me i miss them bn such a long time since last book, but, i know i hiv 2 b patient n wait as it takes times 2 write a book n what great books they r.

      • Anne

        Totally agree

        • Beth Cameron

          Love the cover. Waiting patiently for a sneak preview

      • Patti Hughes

        I love all of your books, they are easy to follow, with great characters, I’m looking forward to your next book.

    • Joan waller

      Mmm interesting the tital has me guessing

    • Viv Oldfield

      Brilliant. Can’t wait.

    • Susan Smith

      Wow can’t wait, you are the best writer of all time, thank you for such fantastic books

    • Diane

      I love the cover!! Any scene in the Highlands is awesome!!! Btw, I’ve developed an odd habit after reading your books and listening to you as well. As I’m reading, I have a Scottish accent in my head. I’m afraid to try it out loud for fear it will be aweful as I have an Oklahoman/Texan accent in real life. It’s bound to be aweful but that’s what you’ve done to me.

    • Marie Poxon

      Your book cover looks great as usual

  2. Irene Cromack

    Love it, I can’t wait. I’ve been going through withdrawal symptoms.

    • Simone WALLNOEFER

      As usual, great cover and interesting title. Can’t wait

  3. Richard

    Sound intriguing can’t wait

    • Ronnie

      Get in can’t wait

    • Lorraine

      Love it and can’t wait. I binged all your books and there’s been a wee gap. Glad you got over your man flu!

  4. Nan Matheson

    Cover looks interesting. Happy your keeping Jack in the highlands where he belongs. May seems a long way off at the moment.

  5. Sue Christian

    😂 I was just craving a new Logan instalment, 👀 looking forward to reading this.

  6. Ellen Peachey

    Like the cover, would the city of scars be my home town Glasgow by any chance? 🤣. Please keep Jack safe

  7. Carol Russell

    Brilliant, cannae wait 🤩

  8. Sandra Adams

    Cover and title brilliant, cannot wait fro see what happens to Jack. Hope Hoon still about

  9. Ellen Peachey

    Like the cover is it Glasgow??

    • Jean robinson

      Glasgow isn’t in the Highlands though. Is it Inverness?

      • jdkirk

        It is indeed Inverness. 🙂

      • Rebecca Chaudhuri

        Love the cover & title! Laughed so hard at your overnight note. My son is also the son of a helicopter pilot 😂

        Hope you’re feeling better. Take as much rest as you can. Hope Boyband’s behaving!

    • Anne Rowlands

      Brilliant. A birthday present 4 me to me. Take care of yourself and of
      course Jack and team. Great cover

  10. Janice

    Looking forward to it. I binge read 1 – 13 and getting withdrawal symptoms! PS I enjoyed Hoon- and I didn’t think I would

    • Pat Dutton

      Can’t wait! Love Jack and co….and there’s Hoon first. You must have been very busy.

  11. Lynn

    Love the cover JD and so looking forward to this team working again. Can’t wait.

  12. Lynn

    Brilliant J D always enjoy your books and love Loganand his team.

  13. Lynn

    Await in anticipation.

  14. Karen

    Can’t wait, really looking forward to it.

  15. Isabel McGregor

    When can we pre-order the new book – wouldn’t want to miss the date!

    • Pat Burton

      Fantastic news; it feels like I’ve been suffering from a bereavement since Jack’s last outing!

      Great book cover, by the way!

    • Robin L Wilson

      Can no one spell anymore these days? Jk, lol,🍆 heids,fml.

  16. Heather Street

    I reckon Logan owes Hoon big time; while you’re busy writing Hoon’s wonderful adventures for us Jack’s had a bit of a rest… but it sounds like you’ll be making up for that! I’m sure Jack and his team will be victorious, whatever you throw at them – keep it up!

  17. Mary

    Love the cover. Can hardly wait for the book

  18. Sandi MacC-D.

    I love the cover, great title too!

    • Nancy Durham

      Please, please be good to Jack and his lady! Surely he deserves some happiness? Love the cover. Title’s giving me a wee bit of the heebies 😁 Still canny wait though.

      • Betty O'Hare

        Same here. I hope that the team get through without a serious casualty.

  19. Patricia Lamson

    Looks and sounds very promising.
    I am looking forward to find out out what it is in store for Logan and the team.

    • Cherelle

      I cannot wait for this!!! I’ve been getting serious withdrawal symptoms. Such an amazing series, I’ve been hooked since book 1.

  20. Joolz

    Nice cover. I’ve missed Jack and the team. Can’t wait to get into their next adventure.

  21. Marion Smith

    Poor Jack. Don’t be bad to him. I like the cover and the fact it has a Kirk on it. 😆

    • Marie

      Soooo love Jack & his team. As an avid crime thriller reader, J D Kirk is my favorite author.
      Can’t wait to see where the next adventure takes us. PLEASE PLEASE never stop writing this series.

  22. Ann Burns in Australia

    Having withdrawal symptoms too! Love the cover and title. Can’t wait to see Jack and the team back. I did love Bob Hoon in his book – laughed so much over his use of language!

  23. Jim McLachlan

    Looking forward to it, books are riveting

  24. John Walpole

    Cover does not look too sinister- but I bet there’s something scary going on inside. Can’t wait – keep up the great work, JD.

    All the best and stay well!

  25. Anita Robertson

    Excellent cover but please don’t kill Jack!!! Cannot wait till May👍

  26. Irene Robertson

    I’ve had to binge read the full series again as missing Jack and wee Taggart, not to mention the other lovely people. Looking forward to May and to the new Hoon in the meantime to keep me going. Xx

  27. Julia

    Great news, that’s due on my birthday. Unfortunately can’t get the cover picture, just a blank space.

  28. Julie Oakley

    Can’t wait but can I wait to take it on holiday in June. I don’t think so. Lol

  29. Jean Watson

    Love DCI Jack Logan, always have a picture in my mind of a tall Ken Stott, waiting with bated breath for the new book, missing the quick wit when he speaks to Tyler, hope they all come through this one safely.

  30. margaret biggins

    cover looks great and love the title. cant wait to read about jack and his team .

  31. Jose

    I’m still on book 3 but I’m loving the series. I’m so glad to know it’s still ongoing 🙂

  32. Jo

    Yay- love the title- engaging and enthralling. Picture blends well with the others.
    Looking forward to reading it

  33. Sylvia Cleverley

    Looking forward to it, I love Jack and co.

  34. Maureen Smith

    Looking forward to Jack and his team returning. Very mysterious title. 😒

  35. Helena Shellis

    I’m loving seeing how the characters develop as I only started reading the series after a trip to the Highlands in September and am now eagerly awaiting book 14. Can’t help having a soft spot for poor old Tyler but really enjoying the different dynamics between all the characters and the dry humour which you don’t always find in crime fiction, a real talent. Keep ‘em coming please JD.

  36. Caroline MacDonald

    And yet again, I am wishing my life away! Title and picture look great, Kirk from a Kirk?

  37. Maggie Elliott

    Aw naw. Poor Jack. Can’t wait.

  38. Margaret Osborne

    All the way from Florida I worry about Jack. Love all your stories and the new book cover is great!

  39. Denise Weir

    So looking forward to City of Scars but also concerned for Jack 😕 and his crew . Liking the cover .

  40. Nancy

    Think I may have to listen to all the audible books in order to be ready for these new happenings. I do hope Jack and all my friends are still ok by the end !!!!

  41. Lyn Oxberry

    Can’t wait. It’s been too long since I met up with my Scottish ‘family’. Please let us know as soon as we can pre-order. I sincerely hope I’m not going to need tissues for this one. Get well soon, Barry.

  42. Nicola Wakley

    Sadly this doesn’t come up on my iPad.😢

  43. Geo

    Looking forward to it , 😀

  44. Lynn

    I second all of the above
    My favourite books by far and favourite characters I can not think of just one
    Im afraid i previously read the books but now I do audiobooks as the narration by Angus king is sublime he really brings everything together and jack sounds exactly how you would expect him too

  45. Kristina P

    So looking forward to book 14. I’ve been having Jack withdrawals so I’ve been re-reading 1-13. You still make me laugh out loud! Love these characters like friends. Well maybe not Tyler. Just want to shake him sometimes! LOL

  46. Tad Ishihara

    Looking forward to another “can’t put down” episode. Perhaps Harry Grimm can lend Jack a hand?

  47. Clifford Hill

    I am 92 years old and love reading your fantastic stories. I just hope that I live long enough to read your next one. Keep up the good work.

  48. Susan Warren

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to it!

  49. Lorraine Loch

    Love the cover and can’t wait to read the next installment of the gang! 🥰

  50. Merissa Dunn

    Yes! Can’t wait!!

  51. Ian

    Out of 🇬🇧 For 3 months! If ah wisnie bald 👨‍🦲, ah’d be pulling ma hair oot. Talk aboot gaun cold 🇹🇷, it’s like winda shopping; it’s there but ye canny hav it😢🤬.
    This’s gaunie dae ma heid in.

  52. Kay

    Be kind to Jack. He deserves some personal happiness because he works so hard to keep the criminals in check. Just be kind to Jack!

  53. Helen Robinson

    Can hardly wait! When will it be available for pre-order? Hoon book#2 already on pre-orde

  54. Carol Burnett

    Great to have another book on the way from one of Scotland’s best writers. Love the cover – where is it?

    • jdkirk

      Thank you! The photo is taken across the River Ness in Inverness.

  55. Nicky McClymont

    The Old High Church, a beautiful church, in a beautiful spot on the river Ness….what could Possibly go wrong here?
    Can’t wait to find out! Roll on May