Aimless Wandering #1

May 2, 2022
JD Kirk

At the weekend, I went for a bit of a wander while I tried to figure out the ending for the 15th DCI Logan book, which will be published in September (more on that later).

It was that rarest of things – a gloriously sunny day in Fort William – and my aimless wandering took me to the Caledonian Canal at Banavie, where a chunk of the first Logan book, A Litter of Bones, takes place.

I roamed for an hour or so, and managed to get the ending to the book all figured out. I also snapped off a few pictures along the way, and thought you might like a look at them. So, here they are. Enjoy!



  1. nightsmusic

    Beautiful! And what a great place to ponder the end of the story.

  2. Sally Rose

    Beautiful. Next career as a photographer?

  3. Carol Watson

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos! I will never get to see your beautiful home..but these photos and your comments bring me there! I can imagine scenes from your books so much better..can hardly wait for the next DCI Logan grand adventure you take us on! So enjoying Hoon also! Thank you!!

    • Jim

      Thanks not only for your terrific stories, but for this bit of nature’s handiwork.

    • Marie Poxon

      Great to see where you get your inspiration from

      • Olwyn Davis

        I’ve been to Scotland only twice before, but now we’re allowed to travel I am keeping an eye on the weather forecast for Fort William. The Scottish tourist trade should thank you for promoting Scotland’s wonderful scenery. Oh! I forgot to mention, tharra bloody good writer anall. A bitta Yorkshire twang fo thee.

  4. Viv Merryweather

    Smashing photos, impressed with your knowledge of botany!

    • Ann

      That me me laugh out loud!!!

    • jdkirk

      Thanks. I wasn’t wholly convinced it wasn’t just a fancy weed, but I took a punt. Glad my expertise is being appreciated.

  5. Connie

    Gorgeous photos JD. And what a beautiful day for an aimless wander. Looking forward to the next Logan book dropping into my Kindle library.

  6. neet

    so you don’t know the ending before you write it? you are an amazing writer. must get to your next talk when you next come to glasgow

  7. Peter Tilling

    Looking forward to the already in the series preordered Logan book.
    Great pictures of the Caledonian canal.
    A bit weird I know I also enjoyed your space books. Any more if those in the pipeline ?

  8. Pam Baker

    Scotland is so beautiful. I love the Western Isles and Argyle and Bute as well as the Highlands. The roads from Fort William to Inverness are spectacular. Never been on the canal – another place to add to the list. Thank you for the photos.

  9. PJ Smith

    Looks lovely. Last time I was up at the fort it was raining, but I still loved it. Its like my second home

  10. Christine

    You brought back some delightful memories with your photo of Fingal. I stayed on her for a week around five years ago whilst walking the Great Glen Way from Banavie to the Beauly Firth. Wonderful crew and superb food. As someone used to carrying all her kit on her back and camping on those treks it felt a bit like cheating being picked up each evening by Robbie in the tender and welcomed back onto Fingal with an enormous, cold gin and tonic!

  11. Doreen

    Just love that neck of the woods. Not been able to visit in recent years so really appreciated the photos.
    Thank you
    Doreen ( avid readerof your work)

  12. Stephen Fletcher

    Great pictures and fantastic locations. Hope the weather remains good, as I am up in Fort William and the surrounding area for a week, next week.

  13. Anne Walker

    Thank you for the photos reminds me of my misspent youth as used to holiday there with my cousins who lived there. Then they would come to Helensburgh for their holidays

  14. Anne Walker

    Thank you for the wonderful photos reminds me off my holidays with my cousins who lived there

  15. Caroline

    Lovely to see this. I often recognise the places in your books but many will be unaware of our beautiful country!

  16. Alasdair Lambie

    JJ, even your photos are nice, tho’ maybe like me you need to take 100 to get half a dozen good ones. Looking forward, as usual, to the new Logan(s). How you and Gatward keep it up I don’t know. The new Dickens? Anyway, best of luck with the launch, and I’m still convinced it would make a great TV series. Maybe you should speak to La Sturgeon…
    Alasdair Lambie

  17. Diane Daybell

    Beautiful photos. Looks a great place to take a wander.

  18. Louise

    Great photos, thanks for sharing them x

  19. Anne Mulhern

    I love the walk round the Caledonian canal, I’m down there most days ( dry ones only) .looking forward to the next Logan read.

  20. Wilma kelland

    You are so lucky to be living there, I do miss Scotland.

  21. Diane K Frederick

    I love the pictures of locations in the books. Thank you. I’m a U.S. reader so some of the words I have to Google but that’s just fine. I learn something.

    The flower pic is lovely. The Ben Nevis is pretty also.

  22. Sue Christian

    Beautiful places, we visited Fort William many years ago and went as far as Eileen Conan Castle which is stunning. I’ve just watched your interview, very interesting. Enjoyed his you started writing.
    Please don’t kill off Hoon ! maybe just retire him for now and bring him back at a later date 🙏🙏.

  23. LeLanya Kunesh

    I’m packing all my shite and moving to Scotland post haste!!! I wish 😭

  24. Kristina P

    Lovely sunny day, perhaps as rare as those here in the Pacific Northwest of the US. Soooo looking forward to City of Scars! Love how your books make me laugh. Cheers!

  25. Sue Reay

    Beautiful scenery. We will hopefully be coming up to Fort William in the next couple of months as my hubby wants to climb Ben Nevis. Not sure if I have the nerve to try it.
    Looking forward to City of Scars and Westward coming out, keep up the good work, love your books.

  26. Barbara Proud

    Beautiful photos JD just goes to show the sun does shine in Scotland. By the way I’m a HUGE fan of yours and was shocked, horrified even to just read a comment from a fellow fan “What’s this I read, you thinking of bumping off Hoon?” NEVER please. That would devastate your fans I was so relieved that Hoon still had a part to play and a vital part too in your following books after his sad demise as Superintendent. I absolutely LOVE his character even his colourful language and LOVED his first two books on his own and pre ordered book 3. I think you need to put out a survey and ask your loyal fans what their thoughts are, I’m certain I’m not the only fan of Hoon. Anyway thank you for the pleasure your books being to your devoted fans. BP Sheffield x

  27. Jacqualine Martin

    The photos are lovely, just makes me wish I was there whatever the weather. Makes me homesick

  28. Maria

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing:-)
    I’m so glad DCI Logan keeps going – best detective series I’ve ever read. We’ll done!

  29. Laura Conlon

    Gorgeous photos on a beautiful day

  30. Alison Ari

    Wow, is that… is that Scotland? So sunny and clear! Lovely photos. Looking forward to all of the Logan/Hoon adventures this year. Hope someday to visit the Highlands in person as well. Tell me you didn’t have pizza with pineapple on… 😀

  31. Janice

    Lovely sunny photos. Scotland has such spectacular scenery.

    Got the date of new Logan book in my diary and counting down the days….it is funny you look forward to a new book coming out, start reading and don’t want it to end.
    I felt the same about the Hoon books.


  32. Barbara Robinson

    Lovely dull day here in Lancashire,can’t wait for the next book city of scars and of course Hoon love all the characters keep writing they are brilliant .Love your beautiful pictures.

  33. James TAYLOR

    Brings back happy memories of the Caledonian the last time travelling Inverness to Skye.

  34. Doug Noble

    Love the canal. Great part of the world. Recall last time I stayed in Fort William the place was abuzz because Ted Danson had been filming Loch Ness there.Looking forward to City of Scars.

  35. Lynn Ward

    3rd May 5.45

    Thankyou jd for the beautiful photo’s love the scenery. Only wish I lived nearer. Looking forward to next Logan book waiting in anticipation.

  36. Cate A. Neilson

    I don’t know why it always seems more beautiful when you don’t live there. 😁

  37. Cate A. Neilson

    I don’t know why it always looks more beautiful when you don’t live there. 😁

  38. Jeff Small

    I know it is the other end of the world from me (NZ) , but I WILL be visiting before I depart this mortal coil. !!!

  39. Ruth Hussong

    Like most of fans, I feel as though I know you. So enjoy your books (even the space ones)! The photos as fabulous. It helps me “see” the scenes in the books. Since my heritage is Scotch/Irish, my dream has always been to visit, but life sometimes gets in the way and time and age prevent some dreams from coming to fruition. We’ve had sunshine, thunderstorms, downpours and winds all day here in Zionsville, Indiana, USA. Sounds a bit like your weather! Your pizza looks yummy and a bit shaped like a heart. I’m sure you did that on purpose for your lovely wife! Very much enjoyed the interview! Love the “easter eggs” in your books and Gatward’s. Even found one in Gatward’s referring to a character in Smith’s books! I guess I’ll have to start his series also. Forgive the rambling and do keep us entertained!

  40. Shelley Reynolds

    Absolutely love the pictures. Seeing this area and all the other pictures really makes Logan et al come to life from my home across the Atlantic

  41. Ian Kirby

    Love to see photos of your area as it adds another dimension to your great writing. Keep up the good work.

  42. gail orr

    Lovely part of the world. Thank you for sharing your wandering

  43. June Llewellyn née McHardy

    Thank you JD, lovely pics. Been to most of these places. Me, being a Scot, try telling my husband all about them, Lew suffers in silence. Will be in Fort William early June. Just miss my —-th birthday..Next week, 10th May new Logan arrives, also 4th jab (covid). Two very necessary items!! Thanks again for your wonderful characters, they seem so real.