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Welcome to the Members Only page for the JD Kirk VIP Club. Here, you’ll be able to access all the exclusive freebies available only to club members. If you know anyone who’d like to join the VIP Club, send them to this page: where they can sign up for free.

Please be aware that some giveaways contain spoilers for later books in the series (e.g. Ahead of the Game). If you have not read those books, do NOT click the text that says ‘Show Links’ below the title to expand that section, or you may spoil elements of the story for yourself.

Of course, if you have read those books, by all means, go ahead and click those links.


The following downloads were all made available to all members of the JD Kirk VIP Club on joining. None of them contains any spoilers for any book in the series, so all are safe to peruse at your leisure.

The Image Gallery

The Bone House – Short Story

The JD Kirk VIP Club Welcome Video

The Unclaimed Girl – Short Story (PDF)

The Unclaimed Girl – Short Story (Audio)


This is where it gets dangerous. The section below contains downloads that are directly related to specific books, and which may or may not contain spoilers for those books. So as not to spoil your enjoyment of the books, please only click the ‘Show Links’ option below the title of books you’ve already read.

You have been warned!

Ahead of the Game

Colder Than The Grave

There you have it, the current crop of JD Kirk VIP Club exclusive content. I hope you enjoyed it all! I’ll be in touch again by email soon with more updates on my books, life here in the Highlands, and anything else that springs to mind.

Best wishes,