It all started harmlessly enough. An egged window. A deflated car tyre. A few garden gnomes knocked over. But then, the silent calls began – late nights and early mornings, to landlines, and mobiles, and to numbers that no one should have access to.

Brought in to lead the case, Detective Chief Inspector Jack Logan finds himself locked in a battle of wits with a meticulously organised murderer.

A murderer who has been planning all this for a very long time…

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The One That Got Away - Scottish Crime fiction novel by JD Kirk

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It’s Halloween, and when an elderly billionaire is discovered dead in the locked study of his stately Highland home, DCI Jack Logan and his team must race the worsening weather to get to the scene of the crime.

There, among the victim’s extended family and staff, Jack finds no shortage of suspects. Everyone, it seems, had reason to want the old man dead, and they all have something to hide.

Cut off from back-up by the worst storm in decades, and with the cast and crew of a TV ghost hunting show seriously cramping his style, Jack’s only chance of solving his latest case is by going back to basics.

But the castle’s residents won’t give him a minute to think. Not even the dead ones…

A breath of fresh air in crime fiction

LJ Ross

The urgency of the writing is intoxicating

Clare Balding

I love these books!

Janey Godley


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The Crime De La Crime Podcast

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