Yesterday, I drove through the snow to visit the Eastgate Centre in Inverness, where I was due to sign copies of, appropriately enough, Eastgate, the fourth (and final) Bob Hoon book.

You never know with these sort of events if anyone is going to bother to turn up. I’m still haunted by an event I did for my children’s books in a Glasgow branch of Waterstone’s a few years ago, when literally nobody entered the shop the entire time I was there. One of the staff members brought me a bowl of sweets and suggest I use them to entice children to come and talk to me, to which I replied:

“1. What children?
2. No.”

Fortunately, when I turned up at Waterstone’s Inverness, I was told that a queue had already formed at the signing table, so I knew I was going to get at least a handful of people, which was a big relief.

What I actually got over the course of the next couple of hours was a line of 60-70 lovely Logan and Hoon fans, some of whom had travelled literally hundreds of miles to come say hello. One even made me a cake!

The lovely Lisa with the cake she made me

I’m not sure how many books I ended up signing, but it was more than I expected to. I also managed to give away some of my big stack of bookmarks, which has created a little bit more space in my office.

You see, last year, I fell into a bit of a trap on the bookmark printing front. I was ordering a few to give away at signings, and became a victim of the printers’ pricing strategy that means the more you buy, the cheaper they become.

One hundred bookmarks were something like £20. Not bad.

But five hundred were only £25. Four hundred more bookmarks for just an extra fiver? Too good a bargain to pass up, surely?

And then I scrolled down and discovered that five thousand bookmarks would only set me back forty-odd quid.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I now have about 4800 bookmarks in my office.

Here’s some pictures from the day – first, a Tweet from a reader who came all the way from Edinburgh for the signing, and then a little gallery of pictures I took.