What if your worst enemy was your only hope?

When a fifteen-year-old girl fails to make it home after school, DI Heather Filson believes she’s dealing with just another teenage runaway.

The girl’s grandfather, a notorious Glasgow gangster, disagrees. Convinced one of his underworld enemies has grabbed her, he’s prepared to bathe the city in blood in order to bring his princess home.

But, as the days pass and the evidence mounts, Heather starts to fear that they’re both wrong, and that a brutal killer from the past has returned.

A killer who once stalked the streets of her hometown, preying on vulnerable young victims.

A killer that DI Heather Filson is uniquely familiar with…

Uncover the secrets of The One That Got Away in the first book in a brand new Scottish crime fiction series by JD Kirk, author of the multi-million selling DCI Jack Logan novels.

The urgency of the writing is absolutely intoxicating, building up the sense of drama and sucking the reader into the heart of the action. I also appreciated the peeling back of layers of characters, allowing a person to reveal themselves, rather than telling the reader what to think. A mature, complex, and exciting read.

Clare Balding

TV Personality & Author

Living in the Highlands can be MURDER!

Let bestselling author, JD Kirk, whisk you off to the remote Highlands of Scotland where DCI Jack Logan and his team face brutal killers, ruthless kidnappers, and the occasional stray sheep.

Packed with intrigue, mystery, drama and a healthy dose of Scottish humour – and with three million copies sold in the series so far – isn’t it high time that you got to know DCI Jack  Logan?

Scottish crime fiction author, JD Kirk


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