DCI Logan Book 11 Revealed!

February 5, 2021
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JD Kirk

Hello! Thanks for swinging by my blog. I hope you wiped your feet.

It gives me great pleasure to unveil the title, cover, and blurb for the eleventh book in my DCI Logan Scottish crime fiction series. As usual, the cover is designed by Andrew Dobell of Creative Edge Studios, so thanks to him for his brilliant work, as always.

Check it out below, and let me know your thoughts in the comments.


What would you sacrifice to save your reputation?

After a violent home invasion in the remote wilds of Glen Coe leaves a family of four dead, DCI Jack Logan and his team are brought in to lead the manhunt.

But, when one of the victims is revealed to be one half of legendary 1980s Glasgow-based comedy double act, ‘Neeps & Tatties’, Logan is forced to leave the Highlands and head back to his old stomping ground.

He may have spent his career dealing with the worst humanity has to offer, but to find out who killed Archie Tatties and his family, Logan will have to confront his most terrifying challenge yet – the seedy world of Scottish light entertainment.

An Isolated Incident is the eleventh book in JD Kirk’s internationally bestselling DCI Logan crime fiction series. Perfect for fans of Chris Brookmyre, Stuart Macbride, and Alex Smith.



  1. Marcy Rice

    Done , pre-order in the chute. This is another suspenseful cover shot. You and Andrew Dobell make a great team, kind of sorry I haven’t been buying the books but I am too impatient to wait for delivery so e-books it is. I love how Amazon has that book order through practically on the crack of midnight so you can wake up to a new book with coffee.
    Cheers JD.

  2. M.R. Stringer

    Oh, the joy ! ..
    This-morning’s email let me know that there’s another Jack Logan book, just when I’d reached the point of listening EVER SO SLOWLY to what I thought was the last one. Am I happy, or what ?! 😀
    OK, Angus King – you know what you have to do ..

    • Kenneth McIntosh

      An isolated incident preordered.
      The cover looks good, scary…..and I want it now!

  3. M.R. Stringer

    GOOD GRIEF – there are TWO more books for me to listen to !!!!!
    I was so excited that I didn’t cotton on: “Ahead of the Game”, coming BEFORE “An Isolated Incident” ..
    That’s the trouble with being a listener rather than a reader: you’re always BEHIND the game. 🙂
    But were I not a listener, I wouldn’t have the wonderful pleasure or Angus King’s interpretations.

  4. gail orr

    I’ve just pre ordered the 11th 😳 book can’t wait, the cover look great

  5. Janette moss

    Brilliant series by a brilliant author. Can’t wait for this one!

  6. Kathy Jacques

    Can’t wait for the new book. I love the grouchy, expletive prone DCI Logan. Thanks for keeping me enmeshed in the mysteries during this challenging time! ❤️

    • Carole Pike

      I’ve devoured all of the DCI Logan books and can’t wait for the next one. What a brilliant series. All of the characters are so real I love the crab but Jack Logan and was devastated when Tyler was diagnosed with testicular cancer, but what a good way to promote self testing. Well done JD Kirk let’s hope there’s lots more for Logan to do

  7. Kristi A Layman

    Tantalizing cover! Love all the books💕

  8. Jane Tarbet

    Ordered and can’t wait!

  9. Rosemarie Harrison

    Hi JD,
    Writing from Australia and just want to tell you how much I enjoy your books. Your descriptions of places and people are wonderful and make me feel as if I am there and the plots are terrific. Have read all your books and am breathlessly waiting for the new one. The cover looks great!

    Rosemarie Harrison

  10. Sharon Oliveira

    Great cover! Can’t wait for your eleventh book’s release! Your books even reach the countryside of South Dakota, USA. I’m happy, happy.

  11. tina L Brock

    Pre-order – done! Love the cover – entices me to dive right in. Somehow I feel I won’t put the book down (well, shut down my kindle) until I’ve finished it and then feel greedy for more! It’s something I’ve lived through before with your books! Love them.

    • Tanita

      OMG! Just found book 10 on my kindle and now I will pre-order the next adventure with my favourite DCI. Love the cover!

  12. Maureen Smith

    Ordered as soon as I know there was a new book in the pipeline.

  13. LaineyBean

    C’mon JD (&Angus), ya jeb-end, get ya finger oot! Ah need this book NOOOOOOOW!

  14. Jill Young

    Love the cover – very eerie. The synopsis sounds great as we will see Logan on home turf. Fingers crossed for Tyler🤞 Thank you for your wonderful stories❤️

  15. Maree

    Can’t wait please write faster, love your sense of humour and storytelling.

  16. Annette Smith

    I first read one of the later books on kindle and then had to go back to book one of DCI Logan and then order the whole lot. I have to read them after my husband has gone to bed as I can’t stop laughing out loud! just pre-ordered book 11. please keep . love the covers. going with them or invent new people love the covers.

  17. Jessie Sword

    Loved the latest book which makes it stressful to wait for the next one. I love your sense of humour and find myself thinking – shouldn’t be laughing there has been a murder but can’t help myself.

    Sorry to say I was disappointed with the audio of DCI Logan’s wedding speech. Needless to say you cannot please us all. It did not sound like my DCI Logan.

  18. Gabrielle Parkin

    I have read all your books and I am hooked! Is there a photographic representation of DCI Jack Logan? I am having difficulty visualising what he looks like. All I know is that he is tall and in his mid forties

  19. Carol

    I recently started reading the series and was gutted when I got to book 10 and realised I had to wait for the next instalment. Preorder complete

  20. Joyce in NY

    Binge read this series and cannot wait for Isolated Incident.
    Love the characters.
    Love the humor.

    Thank you for entertaining us all.

  21. Dominique Adam

    Write. Faster. 😀 The wait is interminable! Seems like I just got the last book, swept through it at a rate of knots and now my life is empty until May!

  22. Belinda Guy

    I have listened to all your books via Audible. Somehow, I have to pace myself – how on earth can you do that with your writing?! – and try not to leave 3 weeks between my next credit. In all honesty, I get a serious sense of withdrawal between each book. After listening, I will then read the books and experience it all over again.

    You’ve inspired me to pick up my writing again and take another look over the characters and personalities I have created over the years. Whether it amounts to the same successes or not, I just thank you for sharing this with me.

    Please don’t stop writing this series!!!

  23. Andrew Rennie

    Have pre ordered An Isolated Incident! I feel like a VIP!