DCI Logan’s Ongoing Makeover

May 24, 2024
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JD Kirk

Don’t let the title of this post worry you. Jack isn’t going to be going under the cosmetic surgeon’s knife, going clothes shopping in Superdry, or even ditching his gruff and grumpy attitude.

However, you may well have started to see some changes to the covers of the first three books in the series. Last year, we did a deal with publisher, Canelo, to reissue print editions of the entire DCI Logan series to mark the fifth anniversary of book one being published. They’ve started this month with the first three books, and will be working their way through the entire series over the next year.

Here’s what books 1-3 now look like…

What do you think of the new covers? Love them? Hate them? Completely indifferent about them in every possible way?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!



  1. Maureen Morrison

    Love thd new covers, they draw the eye into where you imagine the cases will be played out 👌

    • Kimberley Rand

      I love the colors and graphics…very eye catching. The stories inside them are pretty great too😁

  2. Ann Inman

    Love the new covers. I’ve always read on kindle but start a printed collection of the series.

    • Alison Marlow

      I couldn’t tell you what the cover of any of your books looked like, as I never judge a book by its cover😂, however I like these as the important bits (ie. author name and book title) stand out.

  3. lesley m rea

    Love the new covers. Some great shots there of the wonderful Scottish HighlandsXxx

  4. Doug Noble

    Can’t say the cover makes much difference to me. Especially as I am exclusively a Kindle Unlimited reader! But I hope it entices more folks to become your fans so that you keep on writing more Logan books!

    • Barbara Bainbridge

      The new covers are wonderful. I’m a Kindle Unlimited reader but will definitely have a printed collection at some point .

  5. Yvonne Byron

    Wow, the covers just shout out to you. Absolutely brilliant.

  6. Bronwen Webb

    I love them!

    • caroline nichol

      It’s the author’s name that draws me! The covers are very good and do catch the eye. Have you not got another quote rather than LJ Ross every time. She’s quite good, but I didn’t rush out to buy another one of her novels after Holy Isle. Whereas I’ve read and listened to nearly all of your novels, but that’s also to do with Angus King’s excellent narration. Power to the dark Kirkian humour…

  7. Jane Wynne

    They are great, very eye catching. Can’t believe it’s been 5 years!

  8. Beth Penland

    The covers look great! I hope they attract many more readers! They’re in for a treat!

  9. Pat Pantalone

    A cover won’t draw me to a book. The author will.

  10. Kate

    To me a cover dosnt bother me , i read the back of the book to see what the story is, however some ppl do & if it helps you to sell more im awe for it defo. Im an e- book reader, when i 1st seen your books years ago the title got me & i havent looked back since enjoy every book fae Dci Logan, Filson & obvs Hoon ..😊

  11. Avril Simmons

    More contemporary but the cover is not what I’m concerned with, the storytelling being prime for me. And prime it is! Thanks for the many enjoyable characters and plots and humour 😊

  12. Rosemary Otter

    I am also a Kindle reader but would love the chance to win your books as my husband hasn’t read any of your books and I know he would really enjoy them. And with Fathers Day coming up..!!!!!

  13. Rosemary Otter

    Love the new covers, bright and attract the eye and I know the contents are equally appealing as they are all jolly good enthralling reads.

  14. Jim Langford

    Like them a lot but it’s what’s inside that really floats my boat… Always well written and gripping. We have the choice of Logan, Filson, (And Ace Wurzel) and of course our mad Hoon bloke…. More please…

  15. Steven Atkinson

    New covers give a foreboding insight of the darkness to come.

  16. Holly E Carver

    I love the new covers. I have waited for Hoon’s STATESIDE forever, it seems. I’m excited to see what he does to
    ” Lost Wages”. Not oneof my favorite places, though. Must go once to see the freak show, but even people who live there don’t go to the Strip, unless relatives are visiting. Glad I don’t live there. We have enough weirdos in CA.
    Keep up the awesome writing, and Thanks.

  17. Katy

    As I read your books on Kindle I had to go back and check what the old covers were like (thank you Goodreads!) I don’t think it’s a bad idea to update the covers, but the first 2 don’t feel very Scottish landscapey. My view into the Highlands is often obscured by rain/clouds/haze, but these remind me more of US thrillers somehow


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