A Braw Day All Round

September 28, 2022
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JD Kirk

Today has been a good day.

Yesterday was less good, as it involved a 7 hour round trip drive to take a family member to a 1 hour hospital appointment, but those are the joys of living in the Highlands of Scotland, and it was quite a nice day out in the end.

But today, though? Today has been excellent. Why? Two reasons.


I am delighted to be able to announce that, for the second year running, one of my DCI Logan books has been shortlisted for the Kindle Storyteller Award. City of Scars has made the final shortlist out of tens of thousands of entries, and I’ll be heading down to London in late October to find out if I’ve won. I’m feeling pretty confident this year because, as the old saying goes, “Second time lucky!”

This is how the old saying goes, isn’t it?

Win or lose, it’s the first time anyone has ever been shortlisted twice, and it’s all down to the support from all my lovely readers, who read the book and shared their love of it in their reviews. So, whatever happens, thank you!

Eat that, Osman!


Here Lie the Dead was published last week, and it was only the UK’s biggest-selling ebook of the week! It even jumped in ahead of the third book from bestselling literary giant (seriously, he’s ridiculously tall), and bloke off the telly, Richard Osman! He had the bestselling print and audiobooks, though, so don’t feel too sorry for him!

Again, thanks to everyone who continues to support me and my books. I love you all.

Just, you know, not in that way…



  1. Marie

    Read Here Lie The Dead in a ‘oner ‘.
    Started last night and just finished it now.
    Glad to see Hoon and his new role !
    Jd Kirk you are brilliant.

    • Kacie

      Well done! This is very exciting! Loved here lie the dead, loved seeing Hoon back with the crew!

  2. Elaine Stewart

    Huge fan of the Jack Logan and his team books. When is no 16 coming out?

  3. Marianna Thompson

    I am delighted every time a Jack Logan book comes out. Taut thrillers yes but the humor is also unique. Tyler Neish, the world would be a darker place without him. A little Robert Hoon goes a long way but the Santa thing sounds intriguing. Thanks for being a great storyteller.

    • Lorna

      The heating cupboard incident…absolute comedy gold! I love these books and Tyler is such a fantastic character.

  4. Sandra Hickey

    I’m in Canada and found your name in a Facebook group I’m on. Going to buy your latest. Looking forward to it.

  5. Dana

    Congratulations! I’m a new fan of your Jack Logan series. It such fun to read, and I look forward to reading the entire series. (I just finished Thicker than Water and am queuing up The Killing Code.) Good luck with the Kindle Storyteller Award!

  6. Irene

    Have read all the Logan and Hoon books and thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. I don’t know when I have laughed so much at murder stories but J D Kirk has managed it! Keep them coming please ….

  7. Amanda Dooris

    I love all the DCI Logan and Hoon books.
    It’s the first time I had ever heard about figging!! 😱😱😱😱
    I don’t ever need to read anything else other than these books ever again.
    Just read here lie the dead and it’s yet again another brilliant story.
    Hurry up and write the next one please.

  8. Duncan Ferguson

    Your Jack Logan series was excellent, No fantastic.